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Jose I. Muniz, D.C.

Thank you for viewing our website.  Now that you have chosen to seek chiropractic treatment, I would like to tell you why we are the best choice for you.

Our facility is called Axis Chiropractic.  The name was chosen because to achieve long lasting relief of muscle skeletal pain, it involves an axis approach.  The axis are a balance in your muscles flexibility/strength, full pain free range of motion of your skeletal joints, a spine free of nerve impingements and education on how to take care of your bodies muscle skeletal system.  

Dr. Jose Muniz uses his education from fifteen years of personal fitness training experience and his ten years of chiropractic experience to create treatment plans that will find the cause of your condition, followed by the best individualized treatment plan that will alleviate you from the pain and suffering it has  caused you.  Over the past ten years as a chiropractor, Dr. Muniz has helped over 5,000 people gain freedom from their pain and suffering.  He invites you to join the journey to living a healthy, active lifestyle through chiropractic care.

Our Mission Statement:

It is our goal and mission to serve outstanding chiropractic care to as many people as possible and to inspire and educate our members and the community to take action in their own well being and in helping others to find chiropractic care.

To the best of our ability, we promise to:

  • Keep waiting times below fifteen minutes
  • Charge a fair fee for our services
  • Explain our procedures, our philosophy, and our fees in advance
  • Honor your health care decisions and your privacy
  • Deliver the best possible adjustments by hand only
  • Continue to improve our skills through study and application
  • Answer your questions
  • Provide an atmosphere friendly to children and families
  • Provide family plans for weekly adjustments
  • Take care of each person as if a member of our own family

Thomas Edison is quoted as saying, "The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame. In diet and in the causes and prevention of disease."

That future is now... Dr. Jose Muniz wants to lead you along the way to natural health recovery.



Learn how the body works, so you can enjoy its optimal functional capacity!

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